Monthly Fee/ Entry Fee

Class(4 Times/Monthly)

55min $100/month
55min Additional Lesson $25/once
90min $120/month
90min Additional Lesson $30/once


Weekday 50min $20/once
Weekday 70min $22.5/once
Weekend 50min $22.5/once
Weekend 70/80 min $25/once

Entry Fee

Entry Fee(Include School Bag,insurance, Facility Cost) $100

School Jersey

Shirts, Pants, Socks $100

Discount package for enrollment with brothers and sisters!

Basic: S$15 discount per month for one brother (sister)

Cross-sectional application of soccer school and cheer dance school
Regardless of whether you participate in a soccer school or a cheer dance school, it will be applied crosswise from the second brother (sister).
* GST (7%) will be added