★【Health promotion program】Refresh your mind and body! Adult class starts!★

Thank you for your continued support to Albirex Singapore Soccer School.Our soccer school program will kick start the "Adult Class" from Friday, May 1st!I want to get out of lack of exercise, I want to refresh, I want to touch the ball after a long time!Any motive and reason is OK! Both men and women, of course,  beginners are welcome!Aim for a healthy body through "training with head and body," "ball touch," "trunk training," and "aerobic exercise," and refresh your mind and body!
◇ Details of online lessons kick start May 1st (Fri)![Time] Every Friday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm[Fee] Once 15 S $ + GST (Payment method will be announced separately at the time of application)[Target] Adults over 21 years old[Items to prepare] Drinks, towels, ballsApplication form:◇ In online lessons ...・ "Zoom" will be used・ You can take lessons in a small space in the house・ The URL, meeting ID and password will be sent the day before the lesson.If you have not received the URL, meeting ID and password, please contact us by email or phone.Exercise is not late no matter when you start.Please take this opportunity to experience the comfort of moving your body and the joy of touching the ball!We look forward to your participation.Email : : 9069 3323 (Masayuki Kato)